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100% German German Flag

The tree below shows the ancestors of William and Rose Smith Drueke.

Of the 32 great great grandparents for Will and Rose, 32 are German. Their children, therefore, are 100% German. Will's family is from the Sauerland in Westphalia in Northern Germany. Rose's family is from three places in southern Germany: Kassel in the Bishopric of Würzburg, Andelfingen in Württemberg and Königheim in Baden.

Immigrants in italics Unknown German Flag
Johann and Elisabeth Bitter Drüecke
Johann Peter and Maria Elisabeth Kallenstein Bitter German Flag
Wilhelm and Bernardina Heller Drüeke
Caspar and Anna Catherina Maria Pulte Heller German Flag
Johann Eberhard and Klara Kosack Heller
Unknown German Flag
William Peter and Elizabeth Berles Drueke
Unknown Berles German Flag
Adam and Theresa Knoche Berles
Wilhelm and Maria Elisabeth Beste Knoche German Flag
Franz and Regina Green Berles
Unknown Gruene German Flag
John and Anna Maria Spiekerman Green
Unknown Spiekerman German Flag
William and Rose Smith Drueke
Unknown Schmitt German Flag
Unknown Schmitt
Unknown German Flag
John and Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt
Unknown Schickell German Flag
John Adam and Maria Eva Schumm Schickell
Unknown Schumm German Flag
Cris J. and Christine Koch Smith
Unknown Koch German Flag
Xavier and Johanna Gerster Koch
Unknown German Flag
William and Theresa Fassnacht Koch
Michael and Margaretha Kappler Fassnacht German Flag
Leonhard and Maria Hauck Fassnacht
Franz and Eva Uihlein Hauck German Flag

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