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Otto Spengler contributed to this family history.

Leonhard Born in 1791

Unknown Fassnacht German Flag
Michael Fassnacht
Unknown German Flag
Leonhard Fassnacht
Unknown Kappler German Flag
Eva Margaretha Kappler
Unknown German Flag

St. Martin Church
St. Martin Church, Königheim. Source Königheim Web site.
Königheim, 1791-1820. Leonhard Fassnacht was born November 14, 1791, in Königheim, which is on the Brehmbach River, 67 miles southeast of Frankfurt in Baden. The town now is in the Main-Tauber-Kreis region of Baden-Württemberg.

Leonhard's parents were Michael and Eva Margaretha Kappler Fassnacht.

At the time Leonhard was born, Königheim was one of several non-contiguous blocks of territory in the Electorate of Mainz. Königheim is 15 miles south of Werthein, where the Tauber River flows into the Main River. In 1803, it became part of the short-lived Principality of Leiningen. In 1806, it became part of the Grand Duchy of Baden.

Maria Anna Born in 1792

Unknown Hauck German Flag
Franz Hauck
Unknown German Flag
Maria Anna Hauck
Unknown Uihlein German Flag
Maria Eva Uihlein
Unknown German Flag

Königheim panorama
Königheim panorama. Source Königheim Web site.
Königheim, 1792-1820. Maria Anna Hauck was born November 16, 1792, in Königheim, which is on the Brehmbach River 67 miles southeast of Frankfurt in Baden (now the Main-Tauber-Kreis region of Baden-Württemberg). Her parents were Franz and Maria Eva Uihlein Hauck.

Leonhard and Maria Anna Marry in 1820

Koenigheim, 1820-1854. Leonhard Fassnacht, 29, and Maria Anna Hauck, 28, were married on February 14, 1820, in Königheim.

In 1821, Leonhard and Maria Anna had a son Richard, who was born in Königheim.

On June 17, 1823, Leonhard and Maria Anna had a daughter, Theresa Fassnacht, who was born in Königheim.

On July 26, 1829, Leonhard and Maria Anna had another daughter, Maria Anna Fassnacht, who was born in Königheim.

Leonhard Dies in 1854 at age 63

On June 13, 1854, Leonhard Fassnacht, died at age 63 in Königheim. He was survived by his wife Maria Anna, 62, and two unmarried daughters, Theresa, 29, and Maria Anna, 25.

Maria Anna Widowed at Age 62

Königheim, 1854-1869. With Leonhard's death in 1854, Maria Anna was widowed after 34 years of marriage.

Maria Anna's oldest daughter, Theresa Fassnacht, emigrated from Königheim to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she married William Koch, a rope maker, then furniture retailer, then undertaker. William had emigrated from Württemberg in 1852. They had four children: William in 1857, August in 1858, Christine in 1860, and Frank in 1863.

On February 10, 1857, Maria Anna Fassnacht married Franz Joseph Zugelder in Königheim. They had three children: Maria Magdalena in 1860, Aloys in 1962, and Alexander in 1869.

Maria Anna Dies in 1869 at Age 77

On March 8, 1869, Maria Anna Hauck Fassnacht, died at age 77 in Königheim. She had been a widow for 15 years.

In 1880, Maria Anna's granddaughter Christine Koch married Cris J. Smith, a musician, at St, Mary's Church in Grand Rapids. In 1882, they had a daughter Rose Viola. In 1887, when Rose was 5, her mother, Christine, died.

In 1888, Maria Anna's granddaughter Maria Magdalena Zugelder married Michael Joseph Leuchtweis in Königheim. Michael was from Grossrinderfeld, 9.5 miles east northeast of Königheim. In 1889, they had a daughter Otilia. In 1893, when Otilia was 4, her mother, Maria Magdalena, died in Königheim. In 1898, Otilia emigrated from Königheim to Grand Rapids at age 9. In the 1900 census, she was living with the Kochs. In the 1910 census, she was living in Beal City with her uncle, Father Zugelder, and attending college. Otilia's father, Michael Joseph Leuchtweis, remained in Königheim when Otilia emigrated.

In 1888, Alexander Zugelder emigrated at age 19 from Koenigheim to study for the priesthood in the Diocese of Grand Rapids, which had been formed only six years earlier. The diocese sent him to St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee, for four and a half years, followed by one and a half years at the Grand Seminary at Montreal. On June 19, 1894, Alexander F. Zugelder was ordained at age 25 at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Grand Rapids. He served as a pastor in four Michigan towns: Cadillac, Lake Leelanau (was Provemont), Beaver Island, and Beal City.

Leonhard and Maria Anna: 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren

Richard Fassnacht b. 1821

Theresa Fassnacht 1823-1888  m. 1858 William Koch 1827-1905
  • William Koch 1857-1891  m. Anna S.
    • Mamie T. Koch
  • August J. Koch 1858-1883
  • Christine Koch 1860-1887  m. 1880 Cris J. Smith 1852-1932
  • Francis Xavier Koch b. 1863
Maria Anna Fassnacht 1829-1900  m. 1857 Franz Joseph Zugelder 1823-1903
  • Maria Magdalena Zugelder 1860-1893  m. 1888 Michael Joseph Leuchtweis 1860-1901
  • Aloys Zugelder 1861-1888
  • Alexander F. Zugelder 1869-1960

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