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Beth Watson, Lynn Carroll Funk, Audrey Flannery Wilhelmson, and Colleen D. Flannery, and Lorcan O'Flannery contributed to this family history.

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John Born in 1788

Irish flagCastlebar, 1788-1820. John Francis Flannery was born in 1788 in Derreenmanus, a townland in Aglish Civil Parish, about two miles northwest of Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland.

The year of birth is based on his tombstone.

The 1857 Griffith's Valuation shows:

  • Peter, Bryan, Edward, and John Flannery on land leased from the Earl of Lucan in the townland of Tawnycoolawee, just to the west of Derreenmanus, and
  • Edward and John Flannery on land leased from the Earl of Lucan in the townland of Loughrusheen, just to the north of Tawnycoolawee.

There are two separate Flannery clans in Ireland: one from County Mayo and the other from County Limerick.

Foy in MacLysaght
From The Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght, Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1969.
Foy in Woulfe
From Irish Names and Surnames by Rev. Patrick Woulfe, Dublin,1923. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co. in 1967, 1969, 1993.

Flannery DNA Project. Clan Flannery sponsors a Flannery DNA project at Family Tree DNA. Of the 99 Flannerys who had tested their Y-chromosome DNA as of June 2010, 47 match up with a group called Northwest Irish. Northwest Irish was originally identified in a Trinity College Study. Two of these have ancestors from the townland of Sarnaught, which is nearby Derreenmanus: kits 36430 and 221086.

No descendants of John Flannery are known to have been tested yet. If you are a male Flannery descendant, you may want to consider testing by joining the Flannery Clan Y-DNA Project at Family Tree DNA. FTDNA has the largest DNA database in the field.

By testing the Y-chromosome DNA, males can determine the origin of their paternal line. Note that the Y-chromosome DNA strictly checks the paternal line, with no influence of any females along that line. Females do not receive the Y-chromosome, and therefore females cannot be tested for the paternal line. If you are a female and would like to know about your paternal line, you would have to find a brother or a male relative from that line willing to be tested.

You sign up online for FTDNA. You can do this yourself or have someone do it for you. FTDNA deducts the cost from your credit card and sends you a kit in the mail. The kit contains three scrapers that you use to swab the inside of your cheek in four-hour intervals. You return the scrapers in containers and a mailer provided. You get final results two months later on your own private page at FTDNA. Included on your page is a list of names and email addresses of people you match up with. Your results also are posted on the Flannery Clan Y-DNA results page.

If you decide to have your DNA tested, you should choose the tests with 37 or 67 markers. Clan Flannery has adopted the 37-marker test as a standard.

Most names have multiple origins. For this reason, your results may show that your DNA does not match Northwest Irish DNA, which will lead you in a different ancestry direction.

If your DNA matches Northwest Irish, you may want to join, at no additional cost, an FTDNA project that focuses on Northwest Irish, called the R-M222 Haplogroup Project.

Catherine Born in 1798

Irish flagCastlebar, 1798-1820. Catherine Grady was born in Aglish Parish (Castlebar), County Mayo, Ireland in 1798.

Catherine is assumed to have been born in Castlebar. The year of birth is based on her tombstone.

Catherine's nickname was Kitty.

John and Catherine Marry circa 1820, Have 6 Children

John Flannery, 32, and Catherine Grady, 22, were married in Castlebar, County Mayo, around the year 1820. This year is based on the year their first child is estimated to have been born.

Castlebar. John and Catherine's first child James was born in Castlebar in 1823.

John and Catherine's second child Thomas was born in Castlebar in 1825.

John and Catherine's third child John was born in Castlebar in 1827.

John and Catherine's fourth child Patrick was born in Castlebar in 1828.

John and Catherine's fifth child Richard Francis was born in Castlebar in 1836.

John and Catherine's sixth child Peter was born in Castlebar in 1844. He was baptized May 23, 1844.

Sometime before 1845, John and Catherine's second son Thomas married Mary.

On February 3, 1848, John and Catherine's first son James married Mary Murray. The witness was Bridget Flannery.

Baltimore. The Flannery family immigrated to America over a period of years. In 1852, two of their sons, James and Patrick, immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland, arriving there aboard the ship William Patten on May 10, 1852. The 1855 Baltimore directory shows James Flannery, a laborer, living at 170 Columbia. Records of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad show James Flannery working in the Rd. Way Department in 1855 for $1 a day.

In 1855, John and Catherine's fourth son Patrick married Mary Conway.

In 1856, John and Catherine's third son John married Catherine Gallway in Baltimore.

Sometime before 1860, John and Catherine's fifth son Richard married Bridget Ann Slavin. They stayed in Baltimore and never moved to Wisconsin.

Wisconsin. Sometime before 1860, John and Catherine Flannery moved from Baltimore to Wisconsin near the Illinois border. They were living with their youngest son Peter in Brodhead, Decatur Township, Green County, in the 1860 census. Their sons Thomas and John and were living in Brodhead with their families as well. The obituary of son John Flannery says he moved to Brodhead in 1857.

John and Catherine's sons James and Patrick also moved to Wisconsin. James moved sometime between 1855, which was when Patrick was born in Baltimore, and 1857, which is when Catherine was born in Wisconsin. They went first to Leyden, Porter Township in Rock County. By 1870, they were in Adams Township in Green County, the next county west of Rock County. Patrick settled in Jordan Township in Green County.

John Widowed at Age 73

Wisconsin, 1861-1863. John was widowed upon the death of his wife Catherine in 1861. He was age 73. They had been married 41 years.

Catherine Dies in 1861 at Age 63

Catherine Grady Flannery died September 17, 1861. She was age 63. She was buried in Old Calvary Cemetery in Green County, Wisconsin.

Catherine Flannery tombstone
Tombstone of Catherine Flannery at Old Calvary Cemetery, Monroe Township, Green County, Wisconsin. "Catherine J. Flannery - Died Sep. 17, 1861 - aged 63 years" Source: Find a Grave.

John Dies in 1863 at Age 75

John Flannery died in 1863 at age 75. He was buried in Old Calvary Cemetery, Monroe Township, Green County, Wisconsin.

Flannery Tombstone
Flannery tombstone at Old Calvary Cemetery, Monroe Township, Green County, Wisconsin. "John Flanery - Died Sep. 28, 1863 - Aged 75 years" Source: Find a Grave.

John and Catherine: 6 children, 36 grandchildren, 87 great grandchildren

James Flannery 1823-1900  m. 1848 Mary Murray 1827-1912 Thomas Flannery b. 1825  m. Mary
  • Mary Flannery b. 1845
  • John Flannery b. 1849
  • Bridget Flannery b. 1855
John Flannery 1827-1906  m. 1856 Catherine Gallway d. 1876
  m. 1888 Riley d. 1906
  • Edward Flannery b. 1858  m. ?
    • Catherine A. Flannery b. 1887
      m. 1920 Josephine Thorsen b. 1874
    • LeRoy E. Flannery b. 1899
  • Catherine Flannery b. 1862
  • John Flannery b. 1864  m. 1892 Emma b. 1869
    • Verna Flannery b. 1894
    • Leo Flannery b. 1897
    • Josephine M. Flannery b. 1899
    • Herbert Flannery b. 1901
  • Mary Flannery 1868-1883
  • Bridget Flannery b. 1870
  • Nora Flannery 1874-1883
  m. 1888 Bridget Menaghan Reilley 1833-1906

Patrick Flannery 1828-1908  m. 1855 Mary Conway 1830-1917
Richard Francis Flannery 1836-1913  m. Bridget Ann Slavin 1837-1907
  • Alice Elizabeth Flannery 1864-1936  m. Harry Alexander Brown 1865-1938
  • Richard Francis Flannery 1866-1915
  • Kathleen loretta Flannery 1869-1956  m. 1888 Thomas Jefferson Harig 1862-1951
    • Richard F. Harig 1889-1950
    • Marie Etheline Harig 1891-1929
    • Thomas Jefferson Harig 1893-1990
    • Gertrude Loretta Harig 1895-1967
    • Kathline Gabriel Harig 1897-1990
    • Helen Alicia Harig 1898-1983
    • Anne Marguerite Harig 1900-1902
    • Bernard Harig b. 1902
    • John Harig b. 1904
    • Idella Harig b. 1908
    • Mabel Harig b. 1910
    • Robert Harig 1913-1915
  • Michael Joseph Flannery 1870-1943  m. 1891 Ella Mae Gerlach 1876-1971
    • Bernard Joseph Flannery 1892-1967
    • Edward M. Flannery 1894-1978  m. Susan Phipps
    • Richard F. Flannery 1899-1996
    • Robert Leo Flannery 1902-1958  m. 1937 Nadine L. Clark (grandparents of Lynn Carroll Funk)
    • Grace M. Flannery 1908-1971
  • James Henry Flannery b. 1872
  • Edward Patrick Flannery 1873-1933
  • Peter W. Flannery 1876-1957  m. 1902 Catherine Mary Creighton 1872-1965
    • Elmer Leo Flannery 1903-1960  m. Frances E. Anderson 1908-1976
    • Mary Irene Flannery 1905-1998  m. Joseph P. Merten
    • Ethel C. Flannery 1906-1972  m. DeMars
    • Alice L. Flannery 1907-1913
    • Raymond W. Flannery 1909-1909
    • Edna H. Flannery 1911-1920  m. Burton
    • Lillian Anna Flannery 1912-1926
    • William E. Flannery b. 1915
  • Robert Vincent Bernard Flannery 1878-1937  m. 1903 Anna W. Dogge 1881-1968
    • Marguerite Emma Flannery 1906-1997  m. Franklin Otto Doering
    • Robert Joseph Flannery b. 1909
    • James A. Flannery 1916-1984
  • Mary Loretta Flannery b. 1882  m. 1920 William Fred Bahr b. 1890
    • William Bahr 1921-1978
    • Richard W. Bahr 1923-1901
Peter Flannery b. 1844

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