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Richard Drueke obtained this translation of John Adam Schickell's passport. The passport was issued by the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1834. The original is written on front and back.

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Police of the Kingdom

[Seal of the Kingdom]

The Royal Bavarian State Court at Orb

Sought in accordance with the promise of complete reciprocity of all military and civilian jurisdictions of foreign states, Johann Adam Schickel with his wife and the children of 13, 6, 4 and 1 year of age; three daughters and one son.

Born and [...]

resident at Kassel

Which [...] permission to emigrate to North America by way of Kur[...] and H[...] to Bremen for [.. ]

To pass unhindered and the same is to be accorded all necessary protection and assistance. The present pass is valid for the length of the trip.

Processed at Orb on the eighth of August one thousand eight hundred thirty-four.

Royal Bavarian State Court at Orb

/s/ D. Bavarian State Judge
The Royal Bavarian State Court at Orb
Register II Number 34
Description of the Traveler
Age: 39 years
Height: 5 foot 7
Hair: Black
Forehead: High
Eyebrows: Brown
Eyes: [Grey or Green]
Nose: Pointed
Mouth: Average
Beard: Black
Chin: Rounded
Face: Long
Facial Coloring: […]
Distinguishing Markings: None
Signature of the Traveler
Joh. Adam Schickel
In the county seats, this pass requires a visa from the General Commissioner, the bearer of the pass must, therefore, present himself there.

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Seen at the Royal Bavarian Government of the County of the Lower Main at

Würzburg the 13th of August 1834. /s/ K.V.D.P. Würzburg

Good for (travel to) Bremen Munich, the second of

August 1834

Royal Border and Pass Board

/s/ ?

Owes15 ?I gave him a [B..]48
2 Chairs 8
made one Jacket 20
made one Pants 50
made one Shirt 20
made one Dress 62
with a Collar
a [... ]
two Bonnets
my Christmas Tree 50
10   12

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