1. Muredach Colla da Chrioch, brother of Carrell Colla Uais and Aedh Colla Menn ; about the year 392, Muredach Tirech, king of the Connachtach, sent the Collas against his ancient enemies, the Ulaid; over an extended period of perhaps eighty years, the Collas and their descendants fought several battles against the Ulaid and took other lands from them, while remaining subject to the descendants of Muredach Tirech
  2. Fiachra: his son; had a brother Fincaid
  3. Crimhthan Liath: his son; a quo Ui Crimhthainne; had three brothers—1. Brian, 2. Labrad, 3. Felim
  4. Eochaid, his son: King of Airghialla c. 460; had four brothers—1. Aodh, 2. Fergus Ceann Fada. 3. Muredach, 4. ocha, 5. Lugdach
  5. Cairbre an Dam Airged: his son; d. 513
  6. Nadsluagh: his son
  7. Fergus: his son
  8. Ronan: his son
  9. Maolduin (also called MaolTemin): his son; had a brother named Fogharthach
  10. Fogharthach: son of Maolduin
  11. Ruadhreach: his son; had a brother Athachtach
  12. Fogharthach: his son; had a brother named Cearbhall
  13. Foil: his son. Had two brothers—1. Flannagan, 2. Dunnagan, who was the ancestor of Lauior, of Monaghan
  14. Cearbhall: son of Foil
  15. Lagnan: his son
  16. Maghghamhuin ("maghghamhuin:" Irish, a bear); his son; a quo MacMaghghamhna.
  17. Donal: his son ; first in this family that assumed this sirname; had a younger brother named Cana
  18. Cu-Casil : his son
  19. Donoch: his son; had a brother named Murtagh
  20. Niall: his son
  21. Aodh (or Hugh): his son
  22. Faolan MacMathghamhna (Felim/Phelan MacMahon), early 12th century
  23. Aodh (Hugh): his son, mid 12th century
  24. Niall Uaibhreach (Niall the Arrogant): his son, mentioned in the Annals in 1196 & 1207
  25. Mathghamhan (Mahon), pronounced "Mohoon" in Gaelic: his son,
  26. Eochaidh: his son, d .1273, only pronouncible by strangulating the vowel
  27. Ralph: his son, d. 1314; brother of "Brian of the Mass Chalices" and also "Maolseachlainn", who would each have given rise to parrallel branches of descent
  28. Aodh: his son, d. 1344
  29. Briain Mor (Big Brian): his son, d. 1372; the first to officially claim the title of Ardri Oirghialla (High-King of Oriel)
  30. Ardghall: his son, d. 1427; brother of Pilib Rua (Philip the Red-Haired)
  31. Ruairi (Rory): his son, d. 1446
  32. Eoghan (Eugene): his son, d. 1467
  33. Sean Bui (John the Fair-haired): his son, d. 1492
  34. Aodh: his son, d. 1505
  35. Aodh Og (Hugh the Younger): his son, d. 1577
  36. Sir Brian na mBarrog (Sir Brian of the Embraces): his son, d. 1622; married 3 times: a Maguire, an O'Reilly and a daughter of Hugh O'Neill
  37. Art Og (Arthur the Younger): his son, Lord of Dartry d. 1634 (married Evelyn, daughter of Ever MacMahon from a parallel branch)
  38. Patrick: his son, 1610 to 1635
  39. Colla Dubh (Colla the dark-haired): his son, c. 1630 to c.1695; married niece of Owen Roe O'Neill
  40. Patrick: his son, c. 1655 to c. 1725; married a MacMahon of Corravilla
  41. Roger of Enagh: his son, Dartrey, Co. Monaghan c. 1690to c.1760; brother of Culagh, possibly married to Elizabeth Beatie
  42. Possibly Roger of Tednavet: his son, 1721 to 1791
  43. Roger of Magheracloone: his son, c. 1745 to 1813 or later
  44. Tithe William: his son, c. 1765 to c.1840; of Moate Farm, Co. Meath
  45. James: his son, c.1795 to c.1870, married Anne Cahill
  46. William: his son, 1819 to 1900, of Maio/Trohanny, Co. Meath
  47. Patrick: his son, 1868 to 1952
  48. Eugene: his son, 1904 to 1978
  49. Patrick Ciaran McMahon: his son, FTDNA kit 145687