1. Carrell Colla Uais, brother of Muredach Colla da Chrioch and Aedh Colla Menn; about the year 392, Muredach Tirech, king of the Connachtach, sent the Collas against his ancient enemies, the Ulaid; over an extended period of perhaps eighty years, the Collas and their descendants fought several battles against the Ulaid and took other lands from them, while remaining subject to the descendants of Muredach Tirech
  2. Erc: his son. Had two brothers: 1. Brian; 2. Fiachra Tort; called "ri sliab a tuaid," king of the northern mountain; had three sons: Carthend, Fiachra, and Amalgad
  3. Carthend: his son; Carthend was given land east of the present city of Derry on the east side of the Foyle, the valley of the River Faughan, then called Dulo Ocheni but later named Tir-Keeran (Carthend's land) after him, and still today bearing that name as a barony; subject to the Kings of Ailech, who were descendants of Eoghan and Conal Gulban, the sons of Niall of the Nine Hostages; had six sons by one or more wives and another six by bondswomen
  4. Muredach, his son
  5. Amalgad, his son
  6. Aed Guaire, his son;
  7. Colman Muccaid, his son
  8. Fergus: his son; died in 668
  9. Conal, his son
  10. Niad, his son
  11. Fergus, his son
  12. Goffrad: his son; left by Kenneth MacAlpin in the west to try to hold the isles against the Northmen. He was styled toiseach, (prince) of Insi-Gall (all of the Hebrides); died in 853
  13. Maine: his son
  14. Niallgus: his son
  15. Suibhne: his son
  16. Meargagh (or Marcus): his son
  17. Solamh (or Solomon): his son
  18. Gille Adamnan: his son
  19. Gille Bride: his son; had a sister who married Harald-Gille, King of Norway
  20. Somerled: his son; Thane of Argyll, the patriarch of this family, early in the 12th century acquired the Western Islands, by his marriage with Effrica, daughter of Olavus, King of Man; and assumed the designation of King of the Isles, which his successors held, independent of the Scottish Kings, for three generations; died in 1164.
  21. Reginald: his son; born about 1148 in Morven, Argyle, Scotland; 2nd Lord of the Isles; married Fiona Moray from in Galloway; known as a benefactor of the Abbey of Paisley; credited with founding Cisterian Monastery; died in 1207 in Kintyre, Argyle, Scotland
  22. Donald: his son; 3rd Lord of the Isles; married Princess Margaret Stuart, granddaughter of King Robert the Bruce; died in 1249
  23. Angus Mór MacDonnell: his son; first to use the surname of MacDomhnall; in 1256 King Henry III of England commanded his bailiffs and subjects in Ireland not to allow Angus Mor MacDonnell, or other Scottish males to be received in Ireland; married Campbell; died in 1301
  24. Alasdair Og MacDonnell: his son; ancestor of all the MacDomhnaill Gallóglach families; in 1286 he attended the meeting in favor of the elder Bruce and against the succession of the Maid of Norway at Turnberry; in 1291 offered the oath of allegiance to the English King who at that time was seeking to make Scotland an English province; in 1292 a safegard was given to him on behalf of the family for the purpose of commerce in Ireland; Edward I appointed him High Admiral of Western Seas and ballie of part of Kintire; married Margaret O'Cathan; died 1308
  25. Somerled (Sorley) MacDonnell: his son; died 1387
  26. Marcus MacDonnell: his son; assumed tile role of commander of O'Connor's Galloglachs when his brother, Donald Og MacDonnell was slain in 1388; died 1397
  27. Charles Thurlough Mor McDonald: his son; born in Antrim; acquired lands being known as the Clan Donnell Country, including Tynekill Castle at the base of the boundary of the mountains of Leix and Wicklow; died 1435
  28. John Carrogh (Thirlough Oge) McDonald: his son; born in Leinster; died 1466 in Talbotstown, Wicklow
  29. Charles (Thurlough) Og McDonald: his son, head of the house of Tennekill during the later half of the fifteenth century; fell upon the field of battle in 1503 when Clan Donald of Leinster was at war with the Burkes of Mayo
  30. John McDonald: his son; born in Leinster, Ireland; died 1514
  31. Charles Turlough McDonald: his son; born 1500 in Tennekill, Queens County; died 1522 in Leinster
  32. Calvagh MacTurlough McDonald: his son; died 1570
  33. Hugh Buidhe McDonald: his son; married Mary Moore; succeeded to the Tinnekill estate upon his father's death; died 1618
  34. Brian MacDonnell: his son; born in Tynekill Castle, Queens County, Leinster in 1577; died in the Castle about 1635; his brother Fergus MacDonnell assumed the position as head of the Tennekill family upon the death of their father; Fergus was loyal to the English and died in 1637
  35. Alexander MacDonnell: his son; born about 1613 in Leinster; married Helena Archbold; was Constable of Wicklow County; died in 1683 in Wicklow County; buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Wicklow
  36. Brian MacDonnell: his son; assumed the name MacDonald; married Mary, daughter of John Doyle, of Arklow, County Wicklow; engaged in the tanning trade; Lieutenant in Colonel Francis Toole's regiment in the cause of King James II of England; emigrated to America in 1684, with his wife and five children: 1. John, 2. William, 3. James, 4. Brian, 5. Mary; settled in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., Delaware, U.S.A.; had two more children: 6. Richard, 7 Anabel; bought 693 acres of land from William Penn in 1689 occupied now by some housing and Brandywine Springs Park bordered by Red Clay Creek and Hyde Run; died in 1707
  37. Bryan II McDonald: his fourth son born 1686; m. Catherine Robinson in 1715, and had five sons and four daughters. The sons were: 1. Richard, b. 1716; 2. James, b. 1718; 3. Edward, born 1720; 4. Joseph, b. 1722; 5. Bryan, b. 1732; the daughters were: 1. Rebecca, b. 1724; 2. Catherine, b. 1727; 3. Mary, b. 1730; 4. Priscilla, b. 1734. Moved, about 1745, to Augusta Co. (Botetourt Co. after 1770), Virginia; d. 1757
  38. Bryan McDonald III, his son born 1732 in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., Delaware; married Susannah Ogle in 1752 in Wilmington, Delaware; died 1777 in Buffalo Creek, Botetourt County, Virginia
  39. George McDonald, his son born 1767 in Buffalo Creek, Augusta Co. (Botetourt Co. after 1770), Virginia; married Ruth (Davis) Owen in 1803; died 1815 in Botetourt County, Virginia
  40. Edward McDonald, his son born 1812 in Montgomery County, Virginia; married Catherine Sesler; died 1882 in Montgomery County, Virginia. Edward and brother George lived on Father's farm at McDonald's Mill near Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia. They were farmers, millers (established the first grist mill at McDonalds Mill) and ran a tan yard for hides and leather.
  41. George Thomas McDonald, his son born 1839 in Craigs Creek, Montgomery, Virginia. He married Matilda Jane McCulloch in 1875.
  42. Frank Everett McDonald, his son born 1895; married Carolyn Bush in 1920 in Vinton, Roanoke Co, Virginia; died 1987
  43. Frank Everett McDonald, Jr., his son born 1926; married Betty Jean Verna in 1951; FTDNA kit #133546