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73% Irish Irish Flag    12% German German Flag    8% Scottish Scottish Flag    6% Swiss Swiss Flag

The tree below shows the ancestors of Roger and Carroll Biggins Byrne.

Of the 64 great great great grandparents for Roger and Carroll, 47 are Irish, 8 are German, 5 are Scottish, and 4 are Swiss.

Their children, therefore, are 47/64ths Irish, 1/8th German, 5/64ths Scottish, and 1/16th Swiss.

Roger has "Isles-Scot DNA." His haplotype is: I-M223, CTS616, FGC15071, M284, L126, FGC20063, FT2393, S7753, Y6162, Y4751, BY3610, Y63570 (1350 AD). His DNA matches closest with a Donald Austin Byrne (1934-2017), whose ancestor, Austin Thomas Byrne (1859-1934), was born in Dublin. There is another Byrne who goes back to County Wicklow. Alistair Moffat and James F. Wilson in the 2011 book, The Scots: A Genetic Journey, say that "One of the most ancient Y lineages in Scotland is known as M284." They say it developed a later subset called L126 which is more common in Scotland. It is "also seen in Ulster, not only amongst plantation families (migrants from Scotland and elsewhere, most of whom arrived in the seventeenth century) but also in those of older pedigree. This shows an ancient connection across the North Channel."

Carroll's father Peter Biggins had his Y-chromosome DNA tested, and it matched descendants of Clan Colla, three brothers who lived in 4th-century Ulster. His haplotype is R-P312, L21, DF13, DF21, S971, F24434, Z3000, Z3006, Z3008, S953, ZZ13, FT14481, BY3164 (794 AD). The name Biggins comes from beag, the Irish for little. Biggins DNA matches with people named Beggan, Beaghen, Bigham, and Little. See Biggins/Beggan Irish Roots. Biggins DNA also matches names historically associated with Clan Colla, including McDonald, McGuire, Carroll, McKenna, McMahon, Boylan, Duffy, Kelly, MacDougall.

Carroll's maternal second cousin, Michael Patrick Carroll had his Y-chromosome DNA tested. Mike's DNA matches Ryan, O'Dwyer, Lee/Leary, Gorman, and Kennedy, as well as Carroll. These families descend from Breassal Breac who lived in Leinster around 200 or 100 BC. They settled in the 13th or 14th century in County Tipperary and County Limerick.

Immigrants in italics Unknown Byrne Irish Flag
Unknown Byrne
Unknown Irish Flag
William and Mary Cassidy Byrne
Unknown Cassidy Irish Flag
Charles and Mary Anne Kavanaugh Cassidy
Unknown Kavanaugh Irish Flag
Charles and Mary Gow Byrne
Donald and Elizabeth Georgeson Gow Scottish Flag
William and Ann Sutherland Gow
James and Margaret Murray Sutherland Scottish Flag
Donald "Dan" and Roseanne Murray Gow
Unknown Murray Irish Flag
Lawrence and Ellen Murray
Unknown Irish Flag
William and Ruth Lyden Byrne
Unknown Lyden Irish Flag
Unknown Lyden
Unknown Irish Flag
John and Catherine Neuman Lydon
Unknown Neuman Irish Flag
Unknown Neuman
Unknown Irish Flag
Martin and Agnes McTavey Lyden
Unknown McTavey Irish Flag
Hugh and Bridget McTavey
Unknown Irish Flag
Bernard and Elizabeth McTavey McTavey
Unknown McTavey Irish Flag
Unknown McTavey
Unknown Irish Flag
Roger and Carroll Biggins Byrne
Patrick and Bridget Biggins Irish Flag
Philip and Sarah McNally Biggins
James and Bridget McNally Irish Flag
Leslie and Emily Foy Biggins
Dominick and Anne Walsh Foy Irish Flag
John and Mary Stanton Foy
William and Bridget O'Malley Stanton Irish Flag
John Alfred and Jane Drueke Biggins
Wilhelm and Bernardina Heller DrŁeke German Flag
William and Elizabeth Berles Drueke
Franz and Regina Green Berles German Flag
William and Rose Smith Drueke
John and Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt German Flag
Cris J. and Christine Koch Smith
William and Theresa Fassnacht Kochh German Flag
Peter and Marilyn Carroll Biggins
Thomas and Mary Carroll Carroll Irish Flag
Edward and Catherine Higgins Carroll
John and Catherine Condon Higgins Irish Flag
David and Emma Starke Carroll
Unknown Starke Swiss Flag
George and Kathryn Meyers Starke
Petro and Maria Alleman Wittenmeier Swiss Flag
Edward and Henrietta Kenny Carroll
Unlnown Kenny Irish Flag
James and Mary Hartigan Kenny
Unknown Hartigan Irish Flag
James and Charlotte McDonald Kenny
Daniel and Eliza Young McDonald Scottish FlagIrish Flag
Daniel and Ellen Flannery McDonald
James and Mary Murray Flannery Irish Flag

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