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Coni Calligaro, Charley Christenson, Richard Drueke, Marilyn Hamill, Barbara Lockrey, Janet Ramsey, and Leslie A. Pahl contributed to this family history.

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Cris J. Smith Born in 1852

Unknown Schmitt German Flag
John Schmitt
Unknown German Flag
Cris J. Smith
John Adam Schickell
German Flag
Mary Augusta Schickell
Maria Eva Schumm
German Flag

31-Star US Flag 1851-1858Grand Rapids, 1852-1880. Crescenz Joseph Smith, later known as Cris J. Smith, was born March 21, 1852, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The U.S. flag had 31 stars, the most recent one being for California. The President was Millard Fillmore.

Cris was the second of three children of John and Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt, both born in Bavaria.

Cris' mother Mary Augusta Schickell had come over from Bremen to Baltimore with her parents, John Adam and Maria Eva Schumm Schickell, on the sailing ship Johannes in 1834. They were from Kassel, which is 32 miles east northeast of Frankfurt. At that time, Kassel was in the north of the Kingdom of Bavaria. Now, Kassel is in the Kinzig-Main-Kreis region in the south of Hesse. They settled in Tiffin, Ohio. Mary Augusta had a younger brother Peter who came over from Kassel with her. She also had a sister Mary Appolonia and a brother Joseph, who were born in Tiffin.

Cris' father John Schmitt came from the same area in Germany as the Schickell's and settled in Tiffin, Ohio. He was listed as a saloonkeeper in the 1860 census.

Cris had an older sister, Maria Appolonia Smith, known as Abbie. She was born in Tiffin, Ohio, in 1849.

Sometime between 1849 and 1852, the Schmitts moved from Tiffin to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 1854, a third child, Rosa Wilhelmina, was born to John and Mary Schickell Schmitt.

In 1858, Cris' aunt, Mary Appolonia Schickell married Francis Boxheimer, who in 1865 became the owner of the Bridge Street House, a hotel on the east side of the Grand River.

In the 1860 census, the family was living in the 4th Ward of Grand Rapids, and Cris' father was listed as a saloonkeeper.

In 1861, Cris' father John died at age 41. Cris was only 9. His mother was 33. His sisters were 12 and 7.

Starting with the 1867 Grand Rapids city directory, Cris' mother Mary Augusta was listed as living at Gold and Washington. Later, this was specified as 44 Gold Avenue. In 1874, Washington was changed to Sibley and 44 was changed to 105. In 1893, when a new house was built on the lot, the number was changed to 113 Gold. In 1912, the number was changed to the present address of 151 Gold Avenue NW. This was the southwest corner of Gold and Sibley Street. The 1893 house is still there and occupied by Marilyn Hamill, who is preserving and restoring the house.

In 1869, Cris' sister Abbie died at age 20.

In the 1870 census, Cris, 18, was listed as a photographer. In the 1872 Grand Rapids directory, at 20, he was listed a musician living on Front Street. In the 1873 and 1874 directories, he was listed as a clerk at the grocery store of his uncle, Peter Schickell, on Front Street. He also was listed as living on Front Street. His uncle Peter was a musician as well as a grocer. In the 1875 directory, Cris again was listed as a musician. He continued to work as a musician for the rest of his career.

In 1872, Cris' mother, Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt, married Frederick W. Cordes, and he moved into the house at 44 Gold. He was born in 1834, the son of Anton Cordes and Maria Platte. He had been a grocer, but was listed as a laborer in the 1873-75 directories. His wife Adelaide had died in 1869 at age 26. Mary Augusta and Frederick were divorced in 1876. Frederick died in 1891 and was buried with his first wife Adelaide at St. Andrew's Cemetery.

In the 1876 Grand Rapids directory, the Schmitt (Smith) family lived at 105 Gold Avenue (151 Gold Avenue NW after 1912). This was the southwest corner of Gold and Sibley Street, two blocks east and two blocks north of where the Kochs lived.

Cris traveled with the Bergers and Sol Smith Russell (1848-1902). Sol Smith Russell was an actor, comedy star, playwright, composer, singer, and friend of James Whitcomb Riley. An evening at an "opera house" in those days might include band music, instrumental and vocal solos, and Sol Smith Russell, in his comic songs and character sketches.

Sol Smith Russell was closely associated with the Berger Family from 1869 to 1880. Sol Smith Russell married Louisa Berger. Her brother Fred G. Berger was manager of the group. Cris probably did not join the group until later in that period. His cousin Louis F. Boos was a cornetist with the group near the end of the period.

Sol Smith Russell
From the poster (32" x 12" - circa 1879) for the Eleventh Annual Tour of the "World Famous Bergers and Sol Smith Russell." (See: Eleventh Annual Tour.)

See: The Bergers and Sol Smith Russell.

Christine Koch Born in 1860

Xavier Koch German Flag
William Koch
Johanna Gerster German Flag
Christine Koch
Leonhard Fassnacht
German Flag
Theresa Fassnacht
Maria Anna Hauck
German Flag

33-Star US Flag 1859-1861Grand Rapids, 1860-1880. Christine Koch was born on June 23, 1860, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The U.S. flag had 33 stars, the most recent one being for Oregon. The President was James Buchanan.

Christine was the third child of William and Theresa Fassnacht Koch. Christine was a second-generation American. Her father William Koch had immigrated in 1853 from Andelfingen, which is 180 miles south southeast of Frankfurt in Württemberg (now part of the Kreis Biberach district of Baden-Württemberg). Her mother Theresa Fassnacht Koch had immigrated from Königheim, which is 70 miles southeast of Frankfurt in Baden (now the Main-Tauber-Kreis region of Baden-Württemberg).

The Kochs lived at 109 California Street (803 California Street NW after 1912), at the corner of Straight Street. This was nine blocks west of the Grand River and six blocks south of Bridge Street.

Christine's father William had a furniture and upholstering business on West Bridge Street, a few doors down from the Franz Berles grocery store. Franz' daughter Elizabeth Berles, who married William Peter Drueke in 1882).

1875 Grand Rapids Directory
1875 Grand Rapids Directory ad for the undertaking business of William Koch.
In 1872 William Koch became an undertaker at 45 West Bridge Street (335 Bridge Street NW after 1912). He made his own caskets. And, he liveried his own horses around the corner on Scribner Street. The US 131 freeway came through here in 1960.

Christine had two older brothers, William Koch, who was born in 1857, and August J. Koch, who was born in 1858.

In 1863, Francis Xavier, a third brother, was born.

Cris and Christine Marry in 1880, Have 1 Child

Marriage License

Smith-Koch wedding, 1880
Invitation for the Smith-Koch wedding, June 17, 1880.
Cris J. Smith, 28, and Christine Koch, 19, were married in Grand Rapids on Thursday, June 17, 1880, by Father Ehrenstrasser, pastor of St. Mary's Church. Witnesses were August Koch, brother of the bride, and Rosa Schmitt, sister of the groom.

Christina Koch Smith
Christine Koch Smith.
Grand Rapids, 1880-1887. Following their marriage, they lived in Grand Rapids with Christine's parents at 109 California Street (803 California Street NW after 1912), at the corner of Straight Street. This was nine blocks west of the Grand River and six blocks south of Bridge Street.

In 1882, Cris and Christine had a daughter, Rose Viola.

In 1882, Cris' younger sister, Rosa Wilhelmina Smith, married Charles Andrew Hauser. They lived in the Smith home at 105 Gold Avenue (151 Gold Avenue NW after 1912).

Cris continued to work as a musician. The 1882 Grand Rapids directory lists him as a musician at Smith's Opera House. Perhaps he had started his own opera house. According to Grand Rapids As It Is, published by the Board of Trade in 1888, Smith's Opera House was located at the corner of Waterloo and Louis streets and was a "model Vaudeville playhouse." It cost $40,000.

Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore
Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore. Source: Boston Irish Tourism Association.
The 1883 directory shows Cris as a partner with James W. York in Smith & York, a new company that imported and sold musical instruments. James Warren York was born in 1839 in New Hampshire. He first worked for the Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory, and in 1882 moved to Grand Rapids, where he first played in a musical pit. He eventually manufactured his own instruments. York briefly participated in two partnerships, Smith and York (1883) and York and Holton (1885). In 1884 the company was known as J.W. York and Company. In recognition of his infant son, Charles E. York, he renamed the company York and Son in 1887.

Cris was a euphonium soloist with the Patrick Gilmore Band. Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore (1829-1892), a cornetist, immigrated from County Galway to Boston in 1849. Gilmore was a regimental bandleader during the Civil War and wrote "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again." In 1873, Gilmore left Boston to accept a position as director of the 22nd Regiment of New York Band, which served as one of the most famous American professional bands. Gilmore toured extensively throughout the United States until his death in 1892.

On May 19, 1883, Christine's brother, August J. Koch, died at age 24. In 1883, prior to August's death, the Koch undertaking business operated as Koch & Koch (William, Jr., and August). August was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.

Cris Widowed in 1887 at Age 35

Grand Rapids, 1887-1890. Upon the death of his wife Christine, Cris, 35, was left a widower with one child. His daughter Rose Viola would have been five years old. Cris and his daughter Rose Viola continued to live with Christine's parents, the Kochs.

On August 3, 1888, Christine's mother, Theresa Fassnacht Koch died. In 1890, Christine's father William, 63, married Elizabeth Lavo, 48.

Cris continued to work as a musician. In the 1889 Grand Rapids city directory, he was listed as a musician at the Redmond Opera House. According to Grand Rapids As It Is, published by the Board of Trade in 1888, Redmond's Grand Opera House was located on Canal street, near East Bridge, and was a "handsome and modern play house with a seating capacity of 1,200." The building and furnishings cost upward of $100,000.

In 1889, Cris and his daughter Rose Viola moved two blocks east and two blocks north from the Koch home at 109 California Street (803 California Street NW after 1912) to the Hauser home at 105 Gold Avenue (151 Gold Avenue NW after 1912). Cris' sister Rosa Wilhelmina Smith had married Charles Andrew Hauser in 1882, and they lived with Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt, the mother of Cris and Rosa Wilhelmina. Rose Viola referred to Rosa Wilhelmina Schmitt Hauser as "Tante" and Charles Hauser as "Uncle Charlie." The Hausers had no children of their own.

At some point, Cris began seeing his brother-in-law Charlies' younger sister, Mary A. Hauser.

Christine Dies at Age 27

On April 3, 1887, Christine Koch Smith, 26, died. She left a husband Cris and child Rose Viola. Cris and Christine had been married only six years. Christine was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery next to her brother who had died four years earlier.

Tombstone for Christina Koch Scmitt
"Drueke" tombstone for Christina Koch Schmitt and her brother August Koch, who had died two years earlier. Mt. Calvary cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mary Hauser Born in 1870

Karl Hauser b. 1790 German Flag
Hubert Hauser
Maria Anna Engelfried
German Flag
Mary A. Hauser
Michalis Bohr German Flag
Mary Anna Bohr
Anna Schuller German Flag

37-Star US Flag 1867-1877Grand Rapids, 1870-1890. Mary Hauser was born in March 1870 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The U.S. flag had 37 stars, the most recent one being for Nebraska. The President was Ulysses S. Grant.

Mary was the sixth of eight children of Hubert and Mary Ann Bohr Hauser. The family lived at 132 Second Street in Grand Rapids. Hubert was a mason and a contractor who had immigrated from Rottweil, Württemberg, Germany. Maria Bohr Hauser had immigrated from Langenfeld, Prussia.

Mary's oldest sibling was Charles Andrew, who was born in 1855. In 1882, Charles married Rosa Wilhelmina Smith, the younger sister of Cris J. Smith.

In the 1888 to 1890 Grand Rapids city directories, Mary was listed as a tailoress, living at home.

Cris and Mary Hauser Marry in 1889, Have 3 Children

Marriage License

Cris J. Smith, 37, and Mary A. Hauser, 19, were married at St. Mary's Church in Grand Rapids by the pastor, Rev. Joseph Schwick, on May 25, 1889. Witnesses were Frank Kilmarten and Julia Hauser, a younger sister of the bride.

Grand Rapids, 1889-1893. Following their marriage, Cris and Mary lived at 105 Gold Street, where Cris had been living. Cris continued to work as a musician.

On August 5, 1890, Cris and Mary had their first child, Crescenz L. Smith.

Seven people now lived in the house at 105 Gold Avenue:

  • Cris, 38
  • Cris' wife Mary, 20
  • Cris' daughter Rose, 8
  • Cris and Mary's newborn son Crescenz
  • Cris' sister Rosa, 35
  • Rosa's husband, and Mary's brother, Charles Hauser, 35, and
  • Cris and Rosa's mother Mary Augusta, 61.

In 1892-93, Charles Hauser built a new house on the site of 105 Gold Avenue and 50 Sibley Street. The new address was 113 Gold Avenue (151 Gold Avenue NW after 1912).

Cris and Mary Hauser Smith
Crescenz and Mary Hauser Smith, circa 1889.
Hauser House
1892 Newspaper article on the Hauser house at the southwest corner of Gold and Sibley, which replaced the Schmitt house and 50 Sibley Street.

Chicago. In 1893, Cris and Mary Hauser Smith moved to Chicago to further Cris' career as a musician. Rose, 11, and Crescenz, 3, stayed in Grand Rapids with the Tante and Uncle Charlie Hauser.

Rose and Crescenz Smith
Rose and Crescenz Smith, circa 1895.
Father Zugelder and family
Photo of Rose V. Smith, her two surviving Koch and Smith grandparents, her visiting father, her "adopted" parents Tante and Uncle Charlie, and Father Zugelder. Possibly taken in 1894 at the time of her Confirmation or at the time of Fr. Zugelder's ordination or first Mass.
Standing: Charles A. Hauser, Rev. Alexander F. Zugelder, Cris J. Smith.
Sitting: Rosa Schmitt Hauser, William Koch, Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt.
Kneeling: Rose V. Smith.

In 1894, Cris and Mary Hauser had their second child, Leroy A. Smith. Cris and Mary were living on the Near West Side at 174 S. Green Street (311 S. Green Street after 1909).

In 1895, Cris and Mary were living in Armour Square at 2340 S. Princeton Avenue.

In 1896, Cris and Mary Hauser had their third child, Karl H. Smith.

In 1897, Cris and Mary were living on the Near West Side at 170 S. Halsted Street (303 S. Halsted Street after 1909).

In 1898, Cris and Mary were living on the Near West Side at 371 W. Harrison Street (1054 W. Harrison Street after 1909).

In 1899, Cris and Mary were living in the Lake View section at 1052 Seminary Avenue (3359 N. Seminary Avenue after 1909).

In 1900, Cris and Mary were living back on the Near West Side at 275 Loomis Street (807 S. Loomis Street after 1909).

Cris' children Rose and Crescenz were included in the 1900 census twice: once with the Hauser household in Grand Rapids at ages 18 and 9 and once with Cris' household in Chicago at ages 17 and 10.

In 1901, Cris and Mary were living back on the Near West Side at 605 W. Harrison Street (1434 W. Harrison Street after 1909).

In 1903, Cris and Mary were living on the Near West Side at 588 W. Harrison Street (1423 W. Harrison Street after 1909).

In 1903, Cris' mother, Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt, 75, died in Grand Rapids.

In 1906, Cris' daughter, Rose Viola, 24, married William Francis Drueke, 22, at St. Mary's Church in Grand Rapids.

Cris Widowed a Second Time

Chicago. Cris was widowed for the second time in his life upon the death of his second wife Mary Hauser Smith in 1907.

In 1910, Cris was living in the West Town section at 1732 W. Superior Street.

Mary Hauser Smith Dies

Mary Hauser Smith died in 1907. She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Grand Rapids. She left a husband Cris, three sons, Crescenz, Leroy, and Karl, and a stepdaughter Rose Viola Smith Drueke.

Mary A. Smith tombstone
Mary A. Smith, 1870-1907, in Greenwood Cemetery.

Mary Born in 1855

British flagEngland. Mary was born in England in 1855. We do not know Mary's last name. The birth year of 1855 is based on Mary's age in the 1920 census. Sometime between 1855 and 1920, Mary immigrated to Chicago.

Cris J. Smith
Cris J. Smith.

Cris and Mary Marry

Sometime between 1910 and 1920, Cris J. Smith married Mary. The 1920 census shows Cris and Mary married. It shows Mary born in England, and age 65, the same age as Cris. It also shows Cris as a theater musician.

Chicago. The 1913-1917 city directories, as well as the 1920 census, show Cris living in Chicago in East Garfield Park at 323 S. Richmond Street.

Cris Widowed a Third Time

Cris J. Smith and sons Karl (standing) and LeRoy
Cris J. Smith and sons Karl (standing) and LeRoy. Circa 1920, which would make Cris age 68, Karl 24, and LeRoy 27.
Chicago. Cris was widowed for the third time in his life upon the death of his third wife Mary sometime between 1920 and 1925.

In the 1923 Chicago city directory, Cris was living East Garfield Park at 706 S. Sacramento Boulevard.

In 1924, son Crescenz Smith married Ethel Gazan in Grand Rapids. They had three children: Charles in 1927, Ethel Rose in 1928, and Marilyn in 1931. Ethel was born in Sheerness, England. Sheerness is in the Thames estuary, on the Isle of Sheppey.

Wichita. Sometime between 1923 and 1925, Cris moved from Chicago to 3329 E. 1st Street, Wichita, Kansas. On Jan. 20, 1928, Cris, age 75, wrote a letter from Wichita to his cousin Mortise Smith in Alden, Michigan, a small town near Traverse City.

My Dear Cousin Mort Smith,
   I was glad to hear from you. Its a long time since we see each other. You lived near Newago the last time I see you.
   I left Chicago about 3 years ago for Kansas City. Was there about one year, then moved to Wichita, Kan. Am living with my youngest son. His family consists of 3 children, 5, 7, and 9 years old. I am not doing anything myself. Have quit the music business about 6 years ago.
   I played in the theaters in Chicago 33 years.
   My son is salesman for American Radiator Company.
   I am glad to hear that your family are all well. Do you remember when you worked in that shingle mill in Grand rapids on Front St? That's going back some, over 50 years ago. I was in Grand Rapids last summer to visit my sister, and my daughter. My daughter has quite a large family: 6 children.
   Well I will close now with my best wishes to you and your family.
            Your old cousin,
            Cris J. Smith
            3329 E. 1st St., Wichita, Kan.
Mort Smith died on November 6, 1930, in Alden, Michigan. He was 82. He was survived by his wife Margaret Jane Abrushaby Kincaid, whom he had married in 1879 in Newago, Michigan, and his daughter Mary Elizabeth (Breece). His parents were Henry S. Smith and Catherine Smith. Catherine died when Mortice was 4. He was sent to live with the Freeman Mathews family in Newago and never saw his father Henry again. The letter was provided by Barbara Lockrey, granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Breece. Her grandmother also gave her Cris Smith's obituary and a photo with the name "Tante Hauser" written on the back. We have not been able to find records that confirm the relationship between Cris' father John Smith and Mortise's father Henry S. Smith.

Kansas City. Sometime between 1929 and 1930, Cris moved to 3620 E. 60th Street. When he died in 1932, his residence was 18 W. 73rd Terrace.

Mary Dies

Sometime between 1920 and 1925, Cris' third wife, Mary, died in Chicago or Kansas City.

Cris Dies in 1932 at Age 80

Death Certificate

Cris died November 17, 1932, intestinal obstruction at St. Joseph's Hospital in Kansas City. He was 80 years old. His body was brought back to Grand Rapids and buried in Greenwood Cemetery with his second wife, Mary Hauser Smith. He was survived by his daughter Rose Viola Smith Drueke, his sons, Crescenz, Leroy, and Karl, and his sister Rosa Wilhelmina Schmitt Hauser.

The Grand Rapids Herald, November 19, 1932
PIONEER MUSICIAN DIES IN KANSAS CITY Chris J. Smith Will Be Buried in Grand Rapids Chris J. Smith, born in Grand Rapids March 31, 1852, died Thursday night after a short illness at St. Joseph’s hospital, Kansas City. He made his home with his son, Karl Smith of that city. He was one of the partners organizing the J. W. York Music Publishing company, now the J. W. York Band Instrument company. Mr. Smith was at one time euphonium soloist with Patrick Gilmore Band, and he was one of the leading theater orchestra directors of Grand Rapids and Chicago, having traveled with such prominent actors as Sol Smith Russell and the “Berger Troupe,” big successes of their day. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. William F. Drueke of Grand Rapids, and three sons, Crescenz L. of Grand Rapids, Leroy A. of Chicago and Karl H. of Kansas City, and 13 grandchildren. Also one sister, Mrs. Charles A. Hauser of Grand Rapids. The body arrived today and funeral services will be held Monday at 10 a. m. from the Albert Alt chapel at Turner ave. and First st. Burial in Greenwood cemetery.

Crescenz Smith tombstone
Crescenz J. Smith, 1852-1932, in Greenwood Cemetery.

Cris and Christine and Mary: 4 children, 13 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren

Cris J. and Christine Koch Smith

Rose Viola Smith 1882-1973  m. 1906 William Francis Drueke 1883-1956
  • Irene Drueke 1907-1937  m. 1937 Philip Cowan b. 1907
  • Marian Louise Drueke 1908-1991  m. 1964 John Elmer Ederer 1907-1980
  • Joseph William Drueke 1911-1994  m. 1939 Joan Elizabeth Pike 1914-1997
    • Irene Drueke b. 1940
    • Joseph Drueke b. 1942  m. 1979 Ann McDonald b. 1942
    • Kathleen Joan Drueke 1943-1995  professed 1968 Sister Mary Joseph
    • Frederick Drueke 1945-2004  m. 1981 Susan Stephens b. 1945
    • Susan Drueke b. 1948  m. 1977 Ned Wernette b. 1949
    • Paul Drueke b. 1952  m. 1978 Mary Jo b. 1953
  • William Francis Drueke 1912-2000  m. 1941 Doris McLaughlin 1920-1997
    • Elizabeth Drueke b. 1941  m. 1963-1979 Michael Mabin b. 1944
    • William Francis Drueke b. 1943  m. 1964 Bertha Tucker b. 1948 m. 1967 Mary Bialecki b. 1948 m. 1992 Mary Jo Erxleben b. 1942
    • Carole Drueke b. 1944  m. 1965 Stanley Gohl b. 1948 m. 1980 Richard Klein b. 1951
    • David Drueke b. 1946  m. 1970-1979 Pamela Knutson b. 1949 m. 1988 Maureen Wysocki b. 1962
    • Mary Kay Drueke b. 1949  m. 1970-1987 Leo Parks b. 1950 m. Carl E. Groening
    • Richard Drueke b. 1951  m. 1972 Margie Lindgrove b. 1953 m. 1992 Victoria Payne b. 1957
    • Rose Drueke 1954-2003
  • Jane Marie Drueke 1914-1998 m. 1937 John Alfred Biggins 1910-1979
  • Rosemary Drueke 1916-1983  m. 1940 James Griffin 1913-1990
    • Gretchen Griffin b. 1941  m. 1962 Doug Dart
    • James Griffin b. 1942  m. 1963 Heidi   m. 1998 Rutha Mae Conlen 1936-2019
    • Robert Griffin b. 1945  m. 1969 Jane Raubinger b. 1947
    • Thomas Griffin b. 1948  m. 1972 Mary Masalkoski b. 1948
    • Marian Griffin b. 1951
    • Chris Griffin b. 1954  m. 1978 Sharon
Cris J. and Mary Hauser Smith

Crescenz Louis Smith 1890-1962  m. 1924 Ethel May Gazan 1901-1992
  • Charles Hauser Smith 1926-1947
  • Ethel Rose Smith 1928-2008   m. Pruett
  • Marilynn Smith 1932-2013  m. 1951 Eugene A. "Chris" Christenson 1927-2013
    • Charles John Christenson
    • Michael Arthur Christenson
    • Janet Christenson   m. Todd Ramsey
Leroy A. Smith b. 1894  m. 1925 Anna Dünnebeil b. 1887
  • Arlette J. Smith b. 1930  m. Henry A. Pahl b. 1930
    • Leslie A. Pahl b. 1952
    • April L. Pahl 1954-1999
    • Bethany Maria Pahl 1957-2008  m. Edgar Donaldson
    • Michelle T. Pahl b. 1962
Karl Hauser Smith b. 1896  m. 1917 Emma Rosenberg b. 1895
  • Crescenz LeRoy Smith 1917-1968  m. 1939 Ethel E. Nortoni b. 1917
  • Marlene L. Smith b. 1921
  • James E. Smith b. 1923

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